Ka'ewai Counseling

Lauli'a Ah-Wong | counselor

I've been a counselor at Ka'ewai for 6 years, Co-Director of the Hawaiian Arts Program at Punahou and Co-Director of the Holoku Pageant, the Case Middle School May Day program, and a Punahou School Summer School Teacher.  I earned a Bachelors degree in Pacific Island Studies and Education as well as a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  I recently obtained a Doctoral degree in Professional Practice in Education.  I believe in an envoronment to facilitate student academic success and promote healthy social relationships.  I serve as a school resource to address the specific needs of students; Guide students to acquire competencies needed in academic, career, personal and social development, and display excellent teamwork, flexibility and communication with students, faculty, staff and parents.  I also work hard to establish and facilitate a School Guidance Curriculum that includes but not limited to: academic support, goal setting, decision making, career awareness, understanding of self/others, peer relationships, coping strategies, effective social skills, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, multi-cultural awareness, substance abuse education and individual/group planning. With these programs I provide responsive services that includes individual and small-group counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, collaboration and referrals; Collaborate with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community resources to: develop parent/peer education, interpret assessment results, support classroom guidance, support differing learning styles, manage behavioral plans, analyze data, and establish a positive and safe learning environment.  I serve as the testing coordinator to develop and carry out technology requirements, scheduling, administration and analyzing student data; Establish and maintain school operations and programs through participation in the Lead Team, Academic Review Team, CORE Team, and Positive Behavior Interventions and Support System.  Outside of school, I enjoy teaching, dancing Hula ,spending time with my family outdoors, cooking and exercising.  As an educator and counselor I strive to teach students to be life-long learners through practicing and implementing a strong value base, highlighting cultural individuality and diversity, promoting sustainability and facilitating student success through development of competencies in academic, career, personal and social arenas. I encourage critical thinking, problem solving and goal setting to help students develop and learn. I also strive to meet learner needs and be aware of social, emotional, and physical variables that affect the learning process. I believe that structure, shared decision making and involvement of varying stakeholders such as parents and teachers are critical to the development and success of students. I aim to advance change, unite stakeholders, encourage collaboration, organize and deliver important information, manage crisis and provide a meaningful shared learning process for all. In order to ignite this process within the educational community, it is important to lead with patience, compassion, respect, diligence, and flexibility so that a challenging educational program with purposeful supports and comprehensive services are established. When these educational strategies and initiatives are part of the environment, students thrive as productive and responsible members of a global society and schools can focus on continuous renewal, reflection and growth.